Primarily, The Cybermill are website developers and programmers. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we don’t use templates, preferring to write our own themes and develop our own plugins.

Why do we do this?

A lot of web designers no longer create custom websites, they’ll just select a cheap template from a theme store and sell it on to you. We prefer to give our customers a great experience. Provide you with a website that is unique, that is simple to update and that works flawlessly for every visitor. That’s why (where possible) we’ll develop our own plugins, write lightweight code that adds the requested features, and optimise the site, pages and graphics so it runs quickly and efficiently.

What do we code in?

We mainly code our websites using PHP, .NET, JQuery and JavaScript. Our webpages are all built using HTML5 and CSS3, and we use MySQL and MSSQL databases for data storage.

We also can develop applications for Windows and mobile devices.