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Morgans Yearbook

We were approached by York Vikings rotary club to create a new website for their yearbook – a directory containing information about hundreds of classic car meets throughout the country…

Vehicle events yearbook

Morgan’s Historic & Classic Vehicle Events Yearbook is a directory, published and distributed each February by York Vikings Rotary Club as a service to enthusiasts and event organisers. It has by far the most comprehensive listing of over 1000 ‘classic’ events in the country.

Through its Trust Fund, the Rotary Club devotes all profits to carefully chosen charitable causes. The yearbook costs £5 and is distributed to over 7000 devotees every year throughout the UK.

A total re-think

The existing site needed a complete redesign. The processes behind the site were cumbersome and there was no e-commerce on the site apart from a manual form which required visitors to send a cheque each year to receive their book.

Apart from a stunning and informative website, the team needed several key areas:

  1. To simplify the administration process (which was done using Excel spreadsheets)
  2. Allow the purchase of the directory online
  3. To subscribe to the directory and purchase every year
  4. To allow visitors to be able to see updates that been made since the book was published
  5. Event organisers needed to add and update their listings themselves
  6. The events for the upcoming year needed to be exported ready for printing.

Firstly, a design was developed that was attractive, functional and reflected the character and scheme of the yearbook.


A new look

A colour scheme of British racing green with a polished walnut texture background was used to bring to mind the vintage vehicle look.

Banner images and a large slide show on the home page, using carefully chosen stock images, are used to add more visual interest to the site. The Morgan’s Yearbook logo also takes centre stage being placed centrally over the slideshow and banner images.

The interior of the pages have been kept very simple and clean with a good use of white space and padding to allow for ease of use and comprehension.

Custom programming

Our programmers then went to work on the custom programming. Behind the scenes, a custom login system was created to allow organisers to create and update their events. This showed them exactly how the event would look as they entered the information – a graphic was updated, displaying their exact listing as it would appear in the directory in real time.

The system had to know when events would be published so they could appear in the new directory or on the event updates screen, if they could be copied from previous years, if the date had changed, and a multitude of different options. Hundreds of event organisers and events were loaded in from Excel spreadsheets, and emailed – ready for when the system went live.

On the e-commerce side, we again cleaned and loaded Excel spreadsheets from previous years – thousands of customers, created unique passwords for them and created a mail merge. To do this we wrote custom import routines to read the data and populate the database correctly.


Continual development

Morgan’s are constantly coming up with ideas on how to improve and streamline their workflow, and due to the design of the system, we’re able to make changes quickly and easily.

We’re pleased with the design, look and feel of the system and we know that they are too.