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The Fuddle

Harrogate’s premier restaurant finder The Fuddle is an online directory of local restaurants and all places food.

After being pleased with the work we did for On Your Doorstep magazine’s website. Community Publications approached us to develop their new venture The Fuddle.

Here’s what we did…

Classy and slick whilst being accessible.

The Fuddle was a new venture by Community Publications who produce the On Your Doorstep local area classified directory.

As an online directory The Fuddle is the perfect way to find restaurants and local food sellers in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and the ideal platform for restaurants and food sellers to showcase their menus, produce, offers, deals and generally show themselves off.

Our professional design team were able to create a site which met the brief of classy and slick yet big and bold. As the users of the website were identified as being mobile user predominately, a mobile first approach to the design was essential.

The restaurant listings take centre stage on the home page, each listing having an image, title, type of cuisine and the distance from the user’s location to the restaurant. Each tile links through to a larger profile page.

There are two listing types available on the website the free listing and a premium listing. Premium listing have the ability to add more information to their profile page, including a gallery, downloadable menu and an area to list latest offers and deal.

Mobile first

The fully responsive design allows the site to adapt to all possible screen sizes. The site was design with the mobile experience at the forefront as this is where we envisaged most people using the website.

The site was also built mobile first meaning the extra frills we put in for desktop and larger screen sizes do not load and slow down the site on a mobile.

The design therefore makes use of fly out and drop-down menus and sections allowing all the information needed to be present but only when the user needed to view it on smaller devices. When there is room and if appropriate the hidden sections are shown.

I’m in the mood for… custom programming

To make the listings of restaurants more usable our highly skilled development department built in a filtering system to allow the hungry visitor to the website to sort the restaurant listings by food type, restaurant type or price. You can also rearrange the filtered results to be shown in either alphabetical or relative distance order.

Our development team were also very busy creating the custom Google Map which shows the location of the restaurants. The Google Map reads the sorted restaurant data so if a filter had been applied only the filtered restaurants would show on the map. To be extra helpful the Google Maps on the profile pages also give directions from the user’s location.

By developing the site using the WordPress CMS but creating a completely bespoke design with custom programming we created a solution that is easily update-able and can be completely client managed.



I love that restaurant!

Following the success of the thumbs up functionality that was used on the On Your Doorstep website, a like feature was also in the brief for The Fuddle.

A slightly modified version the ‘love this restaurant’ feature works using cookies and Ajax, it lets restaurants collect likes so that the user can see which are the most popular restaurants.

The next phase

We think The Fuddle looks great and are really pleased with the final outcome.

We are already working on the next stage of this project integrating advertising which will create a new source of revenue for the website.

To learn more about this project and how we can help you with yours, get in touch today!

We’ve been working with The Cybermill for a number of years now. Not only have they created great websites for us, they’ve always been on hand with advice when needed and any requests we’ve made have been dealt with swiftly. Professional, friendly and a great eye for detail.
Rick Porter, Community Publications