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Pure Dental Hygiene

Due to a change in legislation in May 2013, you can now visit a dental hygienist without being referred by a dentist. Pure Dental Hygiene is a service provided by Richard Fisher and Associates; which provides direct access dental hygiene treatment.

Richard approached us to design a new website for this service, after we had design the website for his practice Richard Fisher and Associates.

A different feel

The site was to have a very different feel from other dentists’ sites. An illustrated style was requested by the client and bespoke illustrations were commissioned to add to the design. The main message of the site was to be that you can now see a hygienist without seeing a dentist first.

The site also had to carry through the existing brand and complement the existing promotional material.


Richard came to us with the idea of an illustrated style. We created the following illustrations in a hand drawn style, a dentist’s chair, a tooth with sparkles and a dentists mirror, we started the whole process with the creation of the illustrations, as the style of the illustrations would then have a bearing on the rest of the site design.

We chose a sketchy hand drawn style, which would complement the existing graphics whiles adding another texture. To bring through the brand of Pure Dental Hygiene we used the blue and green from the logo in the illustrations.

Keeping on brand

The promotion material and branding had already been established, to make sure that the site worked well with the branding but also met the brief of being different and more graphical than other dentists’ sites, we used aspects from the existing posters and brand within the site design. For example a speech bubble had been used in the poster to advertise the site; we used this graphic for the question/statement and answer sections.

The two tone swish was used as a divider and also used to form arrows in the first illustration. The Questions marks took inspiration from the checklist bullet points that are used on Pure Dental Hygiene’s reminder cards.

Keeping it sketchy

The hand drawn style is continued throughout the site, the site almost takes on the appearance of a collage, with the different styles of graphics, appearing at different levels on the background.

The bubbles and graphics used from the existing branding have been given a subtle drop shadow so that they appear on top of the background.

A sketched felt tip type background is used as the background for certain text areas, this appears on the background.

The bespoke illustrations have been given a slight opacity so that they appear to be in the background. The use of these different levels gives an interest and depth to the site.

The icons in the main navigation were also hand drawn by us to add to the feel of the site.

All on one page

As the site was not going to have a lot of content and to fulfill the brief of being different, we designed the site as a one page site. This means that all the information is on the one page, and the main menu at the top takes you to the different sections on the one page, rather than a separate page.

The main menu is fixed at the top of the page so that it is always on display, and on click the page slides smoothly to the correct point.

Managable chuncks

To organise the information on the different sections more efficiently we have used a pop-up box on the about section, this opens up the answers to the questions of this page. This information is important and legally had to be on the site, but took up a lot of room.

Again to split up the information into more manageable chunks in the services section we make use of interactive tabs, which reveal the relevant information on click.

The site is also designed to scale taking advantage of larger screen resolutions, but adjusting for those on smaller screens.

Pure Dental Hygiene - York