Web Development

You might have a great looking website, but you’ll probably need some extra functionality to go along with it.

We’ve developed a multitude of applications that we utilise in our websites, or write explicitly for our customers.  This can be from the simple – maybe an easy way to select images for a page, to the complex – an entire custom application that creates documents automatically based on user input.

We take our website coding very seriously, taking into account security considerations such as data entry checking, filtering for SQL injection and performing secure password encryption, as well as making sure that we’re using the correct standards for hooking into the underlying content management systems.

We perform most of our web development work using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and JQuery. Where suitable, Ajax is used to collect data from the server and return it to the front-end web pages without the user having to do a refresh.

We’ve built everything from information touchscreens to systems that design custom frames for selling pictures via e-commerce. We import and export data to and from external systems to automatically populate websites and databases –Sage, AdFactory, Excel and IBCOS to name a few. We’ve used Google Maps for a host of different applications including locating users on their mobiles and showing directions, calculating distances and working out delivery costs, or adding geolocations to blog posts which automatically display icons on a home page map.

For more information on our web development services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.