WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of plugins available on the web for WordPress. Some of these are excellent and we use ourselves, others are badly coded, unsupported and out of date. Even more are bloated and supported by advertising. You don’t know what security implications they are adding to your site some have even been known to install malware and viruses, as well as open your site up to intruders.

We write our own

Where possible, we choose to write our own lightweight plugins to perform tasks that the WordPress system does not do as a default. We have built our own extensive repository of useful plugins that we use for simplifying tasks within WordPress.

An example of this would be our Image Selection plugin for slideshows. There is nothing similar to this in the WordPress Plugin Repository. It allows the site administrator to pick images from the media library and just add them to a page. As programmers, we can then use this information to display a slideshow or a gallery.

We’ve written plugins that we use constantly for Import and Export, Google Maps, Image Selection, Holding Pages, Graphs, Lists, Testimonials and many others.