Search engine optimisation

All of the websites we build are search engine friendly. This means that the sites are written in clean, well formatted code; the menus are structured correctly and the pages have appropriately formatted titles and addresses.

Once your site is live the volume of traffic it receives will be down to how well it is marketed; either through advertising, word-of-mouth or search engine traffic.

If you’re looking to further improve your position in searches we also offer SEO packages to help you get the best out of your site. Here’s what we offer:

Full-site search engine reports

We conduct a full review of your website. The review should tell you what parts of your site are working well, what parts are underperforming and what you can do to improve.

The document goes into finer detail on some key facts and figures – e.g. keyword position and density, traffic stats (if any are available), backlinks, page and domain authority, PageRank and lots more.

We also look at any social media you’re currently using (e.g. Facebook, blogging), to give advice on how to improve and push your site traffic even higher.


After your SEO report is completed we go through the important elements with you, explaining the figures where necessary.

We can then give you specific advice about what you need to work on to improve your place in the search results.

On-site optimisation

In our SEO package we also offer on-site optimisation, where we make changes to the content on the site in order to help target the key phrases you’d like to do well for. This involves adjustments to the page titles, descriptions and text content – links, headings, etc.