WordPress Themes

As a website development studio, we don’t purchase ready to use themes.

We always create our own from scratch.

Bespoke themes

Every Cybermill customer gets something truly unique. For our bespoke themes, we have a long meeting with our customers, discussing the site design and features, the UI and how everything will pull together.

The home page design is built in Photoshop, and exported to a graphic for the customer to inspect and comment on. We then create mobile and interior page designs. Once the customer is happy, the site is created on a test server.

We believe that the customer experience is paramount. We create clean, uncluttered, fast running code that is tailored to the website business. This makes it simple to keep the site updated.


We take testing very seriously. We use BrowserStack to make sure the site works on a vast array of desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and is fully tested using our 150+ point testing schedule.

Breeze websites

Custom design work does not suit everyone’s pocket which is why we have developed Breeze websites. Every Breeze customer gets a theme that has been designed by ourselves, which is then modified to fit in with their own branding, which still goes through the same rigorous testing.