Premium photography & retouching

We have a great deal of experience of working with images thanks to our sister agency, Phosys, where we build websites for professional photographers.

Through Phosys we have created hundreds of photography websites and we’ve seen more wedding, portrait, commercial and event photographs than most people do in a lifetime! As a result we have an address book full of talented photographers who we can recommend to our customers wherever they are in the country (and abroad).

We’ve also developed our own skills in photo manipulation and digital editing via professional software like Adobe Photoshop, enabling us to offer a wide array of graphical services along with our website and branding design.

Quality Photography

A quality website deserves quality photography. That is why we have partnered with professional photographers who are experts in their own fields, to take perfect imagery to suit your new site or complement an existing site.

Different photographers excel at different disciplines: some have studios for taking images of your staff, others for your product photography. Some even have the tools for mast/aerial photography to take great pictures of your business or home from above.

Photo Retouching

Sometimes photographs may need retouching to either improve the image or to add realistic detail to manipulate the original image.

At the Cybermill we have the skills and the professional software to enhance any picture to suit both websites and printed material.

Vector Conversion

Changing real life objects into cartoon like pictures is a popular way of displaying photographs differently, such as staff images.

Our talented designers can take a photograph, simplify it and convert it to “vectors” – simple shapes that can be resized as large as you like without loss of quality.

For more information, please see our blog post about the photographic features that we can add to improve your site.