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On Your Doorstep

For over 18 years, On Your Doorstep has been putting local people in touch with local businesses through nearly 40 Royal Mail delivered directories.

Whether you need a local plumber, taxi, gardener, handyman or hairdresser, On Your Doorstep has you covered…

On Your Doorstep & us

We have a long history with On Your Doorstep. We first started working for them in 2013, when we re-designed their existing site, building a system with an intelligent search, blog and account payment system that linked into their accounts.

We also built the site to load its listings from “AdFactory”, their internal client management system which holds all their customer records, and a special page so that potential clients could select which books that they wished to advertise in and the size of advert they wanted. The system would calculate the price and contact the principal team member for the selected books.

A fresh look

In 2016, On Your Doorstep requested that the site was redesigned with the main focus on the search aspect of the site. They still wanted the ability for users to pay their bills and purchase advertising, but with the shift to mobile devices, they wanted to concentrate on making the site work more efficiently on mobiles and tablets.

We kept the yellow and blue color scheme from the previous site, but brought in more blue throughout the design moving away from the shades of grey used predominately in the previous design.

The search was re-positioned to be more easily accessible with a large image used as the background to the search box, this image is set at random from a series of images of the local Yorkshire area, areas covered by the magazines catchment areas.

The home page was streamlined, with more emphasis put on the adverts. Call to action buttons have been added to make it really easy to get to the manage accounts & payments and advertise with us sections.

Client testimonials have also been added to the site, again using a background image at random of the local area.

A larger footer was introduced to allow for the listings of all the area books and contact information.

Much of the code behind the site has been modernised, the layouts are now fully improved and responsive and the site now features a new logo.


Advertise with us

We created the advertise with us section when we first built the On Your Doorstep website back in 2013, this allowed prospective advertisers to go through all of the different book distribution areas, seeing how many letterboxes it would reach.

The prospective advertisers are able to select multiple different distribution areas and then select options regarding the advert to see an estimated price. This can then be submitted through a contact form or the contact information for the correct sales rep is displayed if they’d prefer to call to arrange an advert.

In the 2016 redesign we revisited the layout of this page streamlining it and making sure it worked well on mobile devices. Additional instructions and information were also added.

Thumbs up

The “Thumbs Up ” system was added after the initial website was created but before the redesign in 2016.

This systems allows users to rate the advertisers by giving them a thumbs up, similar to the like system of Facebook. The user is only allowed to add a thumbs up once for each advertiser in a browser session.


Search engine optimisation

Searching for the people who advertise in the books needed to become the central focus of the site, and finding their clients listings on the search engines was paramount – especially as many of their smaller customers don’t have websites. We did a lot of work on this, making sure that each and every listing was correctly optimised.

In conclusion

We loved working on the On Your Doorstep website, we think the new site looks great and what’s more On Your Doorstep think so too.

To learn more about this project and how we can help you with yours, get in touch today!

We’ve been working with The Cybermill for a number of years now. Not only have they created great websites for us, they’ve always been on hand with advice when needed and any requests we’ve made have been dealt with swiftly. Professional, friendly and a great eye for detail.

Rick Porter, Managing Editor Community Publications, York