Make the most of your Facebook page

At the time of writing (Sept 2017), Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users. And there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to reach and connect with your target audience through this social media platform. But in order to do this successfully, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider and complete if you want to create a successful Facebook profile.

Brand It.

People need to be able to recognise your Facebook profile as yours, so make sure you use your branding on your Facebook profile and for that matter, any of your social media pages. Keeping your brand consistent helps people to recognise and remember you and what you do, it also adds an air or professionalism. Add in a branded cover photo and profile picture. This info-graphic shows the best image sizes for all social media networks:

Complete Your Profile.

Having as much detail as possible on your profile makes it easier for people to find you and then contact you. Make sure you fill in your phone number, email address, web address, type of business and opening hours.

Add a services list.

A relatively new feature Facebook lets you add a list of services to your profiles, allowing you to give more information about the services you offer. The services tab is under the page menu you see on the left, when logged in on a desktop. You can also choose where this will appear under settings > edit page.

Add a call to action button.

Add a call to action button to the top of your Facebook page, you can choose from: Contact us, Call Now or Shop now.

Post regularly.

Make sure you post regularly, about once a day if you can. An outdated Facebook page or one that is updated sporadically doesn’t looks as good as one that is updated often. If your short of time use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer which allows you to schedule posts for future publishing.

Research the best times to post.

See our recent blog post, where we look at Co Schedules article on the best times to post. Generally, for Facebook the best times to post are 1-4pm or 9am, 1pm or 3pm to increase shares and click throughs.

Though this might change depending on your business and target audience.

Schedule your posts.

If your research shows you need to be posting at midnight, or you have limited time to spend on posting, scheduling posts is the way to go.

Using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite you can set aside a sometime and create a number of posts, you can then set a time for them to go out, and set the frequency. There’s nothing to stop you adding a few real-time posts to stay up with the latest trends or news of the day, but you know that you are going to be posting frequently without having to worry.

Hootsuite and Buffer both offer free accounts, you don’t get to add as many posts or social media account as you can with a pro account, but even the free accounts are worth their weight in gold.

Interact with your website and vice versa.

Add content which links back to your website, as this helps pull through traffic to your website and in turn you should see more conversions (People buying things or contacting you).

It might also be a good idea to add social share buttons and Facebook like buttons onto your website. Including a Facebook page feed is a good way to encourage your website visitors to connect with you on Facebook.