Rebranding and redesigning in 2013

Are you looking to rebrand and/or redesign your web presence in 2013?

The New Year isn’t just a time for fireworks and resolutions – it’s also a great time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished these past 12 months – and to plan for the next.

We tend to get a lot of enquiries over January and February – we think this is because a lot of business owners use the time to look at their web presence (or lack thereof) and plan for something new.

There are tons of good reasons to reimagine, redesign and rebrand:

Going in a new direction

This could be a new product line, diversification, or an upscale that makes your old catalogue obsolete. If the focus of your company changes then it’s time to revisit the brand – and web presence – to make sure things fit.

You can encounter all sorts of problems attempting to shoehorn extra content into a website it wasn’t designed for. Adding a major new section to the site can often mean designing a completely new structure to keep the menus usable and the site easy to navigate. If you’re really changing the way you do business then it’s easier to start from the ground up.

Starting to look a bit dated?

Is your logo starting to look a bit dog-eared – a bit 1990s? Maybe your website doesn’t quite line up in the newest version of Internet Explorer? Perhaps your contact form is sending messages to an old Yahoo email account – and you lost the password. Even digital products have a shelf-life, and websites can start to look dated after a number of years. The technology of the web is moving at great speed, so the tools of our trade move quickly too. We have to evolve and keep up – and so does your company image.

You don’t always need to make a drastic change – the best redesigns are often better described as ‘evolution’ or ‘realignment’ of an old style or brand. Sometimes all you need is to inject a bit of fresh energy and style to keep on top.

Things are taking off!

A successful growing business can move at a hell of a pace – so it’s important to keep up. A vital step in the process is to ‘professionalise’ – to establish and cement your business brand. It’s important to do this early – and do it right! It can be tricky evolving your brand later on – take a look at these famous failures:

There comes a time when you need to shed the homemade logo and template website and embrace something professional that will help sell you in a wider competitive market. It might be a bit more costly, but custom-made stationery and branding really help make your new business feel legitimate and grounded.


If you’re trimming the fat or just working on making things a bit more efficient, a revitalised website can help shape your new outlook. All large-scale changes can be a bit nerve-wracking at times; but a new brand can often help shed any unwanted associations and give you a fresh clean start.

Starting out fresh

Perhaps most exciting of all: the new start-up. If you’re embarking on a brand new business venture then there are few things more rewarding, demanding (and stressful!) Setting up a professional, unique and memorable business brand gives you an important foundation for a successful future. We love working on new projects – especially those based around a good idea and solid principles.

Perhaps one of the above – or a combination – describes where you are now. No matter how you got here – the important part is the next step: choosing a design agency and beginning a new chapter for the business.

Lots of business owners have been in the same boat – let’s take a look at a just a handful of the successful client rebrands we’ve worked on in the past 12 months:

Mollan & Co


We created a fresh new look for Mollan & Co – including a bright and exciting new logo and a fully-featured website better tailored to their needs and new client-base.

ADF Translate


We designed a creative new logo (with a website to follow) for ADF Translate.

HEPA Services


We refreshed the HEPA Services logo and built a brand new fully-featured website.

Yorkshire Vehicle Movements


Yorkshire Vehicle Movements asked us to create a more bespoke and appropriate website, which includes a specially developed contact-form and quote calculator.

All Weather Roofline


We built a brand new modern website for All Weather Roofline – and refreshed the old logo whilst we were at it.

Haigh Transport


For Haigh Transport we created a modern update for a website starting to show its age, with a matching colourscheme and new features.

Rural Store


We created a professional new logo for the Rural Store – and we established the branding and colour-scheme to be used in a new website to follow later this year.

The Bridge Inn


We brought the Bridge Inn’s website up to date with new features, a wider format and lots of great extra content.

What new projects are in store for 2013? Only time will tell – but if you’d like us to look at your business branding give us a ring on 01904 720 999 or send an email to