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Skelf Frames

Originally founded in Ulleskelf in 1990, Skelf Frames are a family run firm who offer a first-class service building both standard and custom frames from their workshop in Tadcaster…

Standard eCommerce?

Originally Andrew and Sally-Anne came to us wanting a brand-new replacement website, and an e-commerce system to sell their ready-made frames online. They also had an idea to sell custom frames online, but felt that it would be too expensive.

We quoted them for the site and also added a quotation for the bespoke work to sell the custom frames online. This worked out less expensive than they’d expected and they decided to go ahead and take the plunge!

It all started with a logo…

Skelf required a new logo for their business something modern and up to date that also conveyed that their frames are made in the UK.

We produced 4 concepts for them two of which were taken forward for further development. The chosen concept of a corner of the Union Jack within a picture frame was chosen and developed until we had a final logo that Skelf Frames were happy with. The logo is now used on all their, frames, publicity and literature!

Website design

To go with the new modern logo we designed a fresh and modern website, using predominately white but with accents of blue, red and dark grey from the logo, a dark wood texture to reflect the medium they work in is also used in the design.

The website is built around WordPress and WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a very flexible e-commerce system and for selling the standard picture frames, worked very well. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce to make life easier for developers but nothing that sells custom built frames.


Custom frames

How do you sell a custom-built picture frame?

The price needs to be calculated on a lot of factors including: The frame size, style, mounts and glazing. Other things also need to be taken into account that we won’t go into such as “profit margins”!

Now, on top of all this you need an easy to use interface for the purchaser to select all the items, see a preview, calculate a price, and add it into the basket. All this needs to be done in real time, and everything needs to be under the control of the site administrators so styles and colours can be added and removed. After that, you’ve got to add this into the basket showing all the attributes so that it can be made up successfully in the workshop correctly. All in all, not a simple task.

The custom framing system was written entirely using JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax. Ajax was used to send the parameters back to the server to calculate the price of the finished frame.

We love a challenge

We love a challenge at the Cybermill, and creating projects like this gives us a great deal of satisfaction, especially knowing that tools like this work well for our customers and are helping their businesses to succeed.