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ShawCare is a large contract cleaning company based in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

They offer cleaning services for businesses all over the country…

ShawCare cleaning services

As a professional cleaning company ShawCare know that keeping a work environment clean is essential for clients and staff to enable a feeling of wellbeing and professionalism, not to mention health and safety aspects of a working day.

The existing website had been in place for many years with a design that was very dated. There was a system for cleaners to register as prospective cleaners all over the country, along with a login for an admin to download the list as an Excel spreadsheet.

ShawCare came to us to looking for a new and fresh look for their website, as well as to improve and add to the back end functionality of the site helping to improve their working methods.

Fresh and clean

We set to work using the company’s existing colour scheme and logo, putting a modern design on the whole site with carefully chosen imagery and graphics to fit in with the business’s style.

ShawCare didn’t want to have the cliche images such as rubber gloves and stock images of cleaners but instead wanted to use imagery that invoked a sense of cleanliness or freshness, such as clean waterfalls, water ripples, rain forests and spring leaves.

Animated widgets were added to the home page to show statistics that were provided to us by the business. These can be easily changed by the administrators in seconds to display new data.

“Work for us!”

The existing “Work For Us” section of the site needed a complete overhaul. We downloaded the existing Excel spreadsheet and found that there were over 100,000 names within it that had been entered over the years.

Many of these names and email addresses were duplicated (up to 10 times!) and there was no field checking, so email, postal addresses and telephone numbers were not complete. After “cleaning” the spreadsheet ourselves using many different techniques, we managed to reduce the several hundred thousand records down to just under 30,000 useable records.

The form was changed to capture data cleanly. Users could now login with their email address to update their details and request a new password in order to do this. Only valid postcodes are allowed and ShawCare can search for cleaners within a specific area.


Timesheet Amendment on the move - ShawCare WetherbyAs well as searching for prospective employees, managers on the road can add work details for staff to timesheets using the website. This is then added to the accounts system back in the office and completed electronically, superseding the paper based system that used to be in place.

ShawCare managers can now login to the system and search an area of the country for cleaners, by putting in a postcode and a radius. Our software can then find prospective cleaners in that area who may be interested in working for ShawCare on a local contract.


ShawCare also wanted a calendar to send out to their clients. This was designed around an A4 “tent fold” document – scored into three, and having a self-adhesive tab so it could be sent out by post and assembled by the prospective customer.

We were also asked to design some information for the back of the calendars(a first for our printers), so that perspective clients could read about the company before assembling their calendar.

Happy client

We think the ShawCare website looks great and are really pleased with the final outcome, and what’s more ShawCare are really pleased too.

If you have a similar project in mind why not give us a call?