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Pateley Bridge Tourist Information Centre

Pateley Bridge Tourist Information Centre required a large interactive touchscreen to provide visitors with information about the area…

A touchscreen challenge!

After our success building the Upper Nidderdale Landscape Partnership site, we were asked to create the touchscreen project. Something that we’d not done before!

However, we liked the challenge and set about working on the idea. We purchased an in-house touchscreen monitor and decided to create a WordPress theme that would be run on a private server in fullscreen.

Maps, maps, maps

Harrogate Council supplied us with high resolution maps of the area. These would be the main “pages” of the site. They could be scrolled around using your finger. The home page would be the Upper Nidderdale area. A more detailed map of a region (such as Pateley Bridge) would be zoomed by clicking an icon.

The icons

Areas of interest could be added by creating WordPress “posts”, tagging them with co-ordinates, an icon, text and images. These would then be shown on the maps. They can be shown as popup windows or sliders than come in from the left or the right depending on where the icon is currently on the screen.

Visitors really love the touchscreen as a visual aid for getting to know the Nidderdale area. They can browse and find out further information for themselves and it assists our staff and volunteers to point out places of interest. Katy Penn, Pateley Bridge Tourist Information Centre.

Photo credit ~ Sandra Walker

The Cybermill did a fantastic job of understanding our requirements and designing a system to suit our needs and budget. They provided great support throughout both design and implementation, including adapting elements of their design to reflect changes we needed as the project developed. Iain Mann, Scheme Manager, Upper Nidderdale Landscape Partnership


The 42” touchscreen runs on a local PC connected to a private server. A limited local account automatically runs the website in full screen mode when logged in, and a wireless keyboard is used to control the system.

We loved developing this system and wouldn’t hesitate to do something similar again!