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Air Television

Air Television is one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent production companies.

Since they started in 2014, they’ve won commissions for nearly 50 hours of programming from the BBC, Channel 4, UKTV and Channel 5.

Air Television

Air Television based in York – a Unesco City of Media Arts – are the only production company with a full-time team of Technical Aircrew qualified to fly on UK air ambulances.

Air Television’s team have filmed all over the world from the Arctic to the outback of Western Australia.

When designing a site for a media company, everything has to be perfect. Andy Joynson, one of the directors, had heard about us through his contacts and decided that we would be the perfect match to create a site to their exacting specifications.


The brief

Air Television’s brief was for a simple, clear and uncluttered website that gave an air of confidence, was understated but not laid back and modern but classy. They also wanted to make use of the many images they had and show them off to best effect.

Air Television had a great logo already, early design drafts made more of the use of the logo imagery of clouds, but this was removed in favour of more space and simpler backgrounds.

The blue colour scheme from the website also came from the logo and is used throughout the site along with lots of white to give the uncluttered but modern feel they were after.

Getting in touch

Air Television wanted to encourage new ideas and up and coming people in the industry and so they dedicated two pages to bringing in new ideas and recruitment. The Air Work and Air Brain Waves pages were created and customised contact forms were added to both pages so that they could gather the correct information they needed when looking for new individuals to join the team or new ideas.

They have also recently added a new page regarding requests for Air Footage, through the content management system changes like these are easily made by Air Television themselves.

Great imagery

One of the great things about creating a site like this is the wonderful imagery that they supply. Air TV gave us stills and publicity shots from their TV programmes like “Helicopter ER” and “Rescue Down Under”. This allowed us to create a visually stunning site whilst still imparting the important information that they wished to convey.

The home page sees the use of 3 large scale images that fill most of the screen, giving a great visual impact on first view of the site. The internal and sub pages make sue of the images too but in a long banner format at the top of each page.

Through the content management system Air Television can manage the images themselves changing the home page and banner images as and when they need to. They can also add images throughout the main page text, bringing more visual interest throughout the pages.

In conclusion

Although a relatively simple site, we loved working on Air Television, the team were open to new ideas but had a particular feel that they wanted to get across, we think the final outcome looks great and we’d love to do something similar again.

Air Television