Case Study: Hardcastle Horse boxes


Hardcastle Horseboxes, based near Selby design and build bespoke horse boxes. Hardcastle approached the Cybermill to design and build a brand new website for their business.

The Brief

The site needed to be able to be an online catalogue of horseboxes for sale. It also needed to reflect the high end quality of the product being sold. The site was also to act as an online brochure to advertise the company’s other services.

Design and Build

To fulfill the brief we produced a design that had plenty of breathing space and used carefully chosen textures, to create a feel of luxury and quality.

The inspiration for the textures used was taken from the actual materials and finished used within the horseboxes. A dark wood pattern and a tile pattern reflecting both the horse’s area and the human living area. The site has a mainly white background while using gradients to give it a softer feel.

The company’s logo was originally gold with a metal embossed effect, this looked a little dated and was hard to read. The actual horseboxes however use a simplified metallic silver logo. We redrew the existing logo to match the logo used on the horseboxes.


The home page features an image and text slider showcasing the very best of their design work while the text briefly takes you through their design and build process. This slider makes use of one of our favourite jQuery sliders, carouFredsel.

The home page also features some call to action buttons, in the right hand column of the site. These draw attention to the main areas of the website and the clients business.


Hardcastle Horseboxes have a lot of good client testimonials, and were keen to use these on the website. In the design they are featured in the footer. There are a number of testimonials of which one is chosen at random and shown on page load. The client testimonials are also shown in the same way on the services page. A quote, which sums up the companies ethos, is given extra attention on the home page.


The client did not want to sell on line, but needed an online catalogue and listed facility to be able to advertise the horseboxes for sale to the best of their ability. On the site the horseboxes are separated into two sections; New Boxes and Used Boxes.

The products/horseboxes pages give plenty of room to the product information and images. This not only makes the information easier to understand and digest, but also helps in giving the feeling that this is a quality product.

The contact page features a Google map to help potential customers find the premises.