Website essentials #1: Professional imagery

Over time, we’ve had to manipulate a lot of images to produce satisfactory results for our clients. More recently though, our customers are demanding more and more from their websites and need the quality of the imagery on the site to match the quality of the site itself.

Quality Photography

During the last 10 years, we’ve built hundreds of websites for professional photographers through our sister company Phosys. A lot of these photographers don’t just do weddings, but also offer expert commercial imagery. We’ve build up good relationships and can recommend professional photographers from our local area, as well as nationally (and even internationally). We can usually negotiate a discounted rate as well.

Taking pictures of people and products is something that businesses generally attempt with their own digital cameras, but using a professional photographer can make a world of difference. Images will be properly posed and arranged, the lighting chosen carefully (and often accentuated by artificial light sources). They’ll bring professional equipment and provide digital enhancements through photo editing software.

Stunning professional product imagery

Stunning professional product imagery

A professional photographer can make a stunning difference to an internal shot. A standard camera can make a room look small and compact, where a photographer with professional equipment can really show off a room to its maximum potential.

The following images show a dining room image from a customer’s old website, and the replacement image for the redesigned site.


The original dining room photograph


A professional photo of the same room

An external photograph of your property can make a stunning focal point on your website home page – if done correctly.

This aerial shot was taken by a remote camera on a 30ft pole with a wide angle lens. The day was dull and overcast. The photographer fixed the angles of the image (lens correction), replaced the sky and brightened the scene to make it look like a beautiful summer’s day.


Before and after: small colour corrections can make a huge difference to an image

Stunning photography can make the difference between your website being a real success or just another average site on the internet. If you’re going to advertise your goods with photographic imagery, then that photography needs to reflect your products and services in their best light.

Photo Manipulation

Although the picture of the manor house above was manipulated by a professional photographer, we have the skills in-house to do this, as well as much more complicated work.

One of our customers required a new logo for their business based on a tankard. Royalty free images were obtained and dramatically modified:


The lager glass and tankard images above were used to create:

The Yorkshire Ales sign and logo as it appears on their website

The Yorkshire Ales sign and logo as it appears on their website

The tankard was first cut from its background image and rotated and a Yorkshire Rose was hand drawn and embossed onto the tankard. Next the foam was cut out from a glass of lager and the background added. The sign now appears on their website and a physical version hangs outside their shop in Snaith.

Vector Conversion

On our own website, you’ll notice a number of “hand drawn images”. These were originally done as drawings which were then photographed and traced using Photoshop, converting them into “Vectors”. The same principle can be performed with photographs:


Before conversion


After conversion to vector graphics

These images were created for a driving instructor who wanted something a little different on his site! He’s an Italian who teaches drivers in a Fiat 500, but offers his students a “Driving Experience” in a supercar once they pass their test!

Good photography and well thought out imagery can make the world of difference to your site. We try our best to make your site pristine when it’s complete and delivered to you, but to make it really stand out the photography and images have got to match the quality of the design.