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Fanski Dress

Fanski dress are the makers of fancy dress ski wear, they approached the Cybermill to create a fun and quirky web shop which reflected their products…

It all started with a logo

Fanski dress came to us as a start-up company with no branding and asked us to create a logo and web shop for their fancy dress ski wear range.

We started with the logo and after an initial consultation with the client we produced 4 initial concepts for the logo. The brief was to produce a readable, simple to understand logo which conveyed fun and energy and used vibrant colours.

The chosen concept went through revisions and fine tuning until we had the final logo. Versions of the logo were also designed to be used on the actual ski suits themselves.

Website build

With the final logo confirmed we could move onto the design of the website. The brief was for this to be fun and engaging using the company pink which was decided on during the logo design process.

We created the illustrations used in the footer and heading in the same style of the logo. This together with the background pattern and magenta colour scheme, help to achieve the fun and quirky feel Fanski dress were after.

Professional photographs

Fanski dress commissioned a professional photographer to take the pictures of their suits.

The style of the photography adds to the overall feel of the site as the poses are fun and different showing off the ski suits to their best while capturing their playful character.

The product images were taken with a white background which works well within the site design as it keeps the spacious clean feel that the website is trying to achieve, and keeps the main attention on the products themselves.

The images used on a website can make or break the overall look of a site, using a professional photographer can make a world of difference. Images will be properly posed and arranged, the lighting is carefully chosen, and the photographer has the professional equipment and software to enhance the images taken.

For more information on professional imagery view our page on premium photography and retouching or our blog post on professional imagery.


A section on the site was included for purchasers of the suits to upload images of them using the suits. This was called ‘Fanski dress in action’. The user simply fills in an online form with their image and the Fanski dress are notified via email to any new submissions.

Fanski dress were also keen to use social media on the site and so social media links were added to the side and footer of the site, social share buttons were also added to the bottom of every product page.

A blog was also created on the site to keep users up to date with all the latest news and happenings regarding Fanski dress and their products.

Happy client

We had great fun working on the Fanski dress site, especially producing the logo and illustrations that evolved from this on the website. Claire from Fanski dress said:

I just wanted to drop you an email to sing the praises of The Cybermill and the work you have done on Fanski dress.

You have shown tremendous creativity, professionalism, insight, patience and attention to detail in delivering the site. I have been very impressed.

Claire Ellam, MD Fanski Dress